Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wet and soggy Sunday

So the weather forecasters said the weather was going to be bad - and for once they were right! It rained and rained and rained. However the girls needed cleaning out and even though it was tipping down they raced out of the pen but big cheats headed straight for the kitchen!

There are serious ground rules about house entry. All chickens are allowed on the steps and on the door mat, and that's it. And amazingly they stick to it (Cybil accepted). It's all part of being a member of the flock.
Well, there had to be a time when even kitchen duty gets boring so of course the most unwater-proof of hens had to venture out to decimate flower beds and attack unsurprising snails (and trust me with Lottie they really do have a 50% chance of escape).
And yes, Lottie got a brand new feather cut.

Harriet wasn't far behind

As Cybil didn't get the daft hair style she decided that she would get a cold and felt sorry for herself all day. So bad in fact that no egg was produced and all titbits had to be virtually hand fed as she couldn't possibly pick them up herself. Me thinks that a couple of days tlc will rectify the problem.

Of course, its only a rainy day and you might be a a damp silkie but if you're Ruby, you can preen up a treat.

And let me tell you, you don't get this gorgeous without lots of hard preening!

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