Saturday, 4 October 2008

Deserted chickens.....

Well a bit of a week really. Not that you need to know but my Mother has been down to London for the past seven days with her dog Penelope. Okay, so bantams and a wire-haired terrier and never going to be a good mix!

That said, the girls spent more time in the run that they would normally and although the run is more than adequate for keeping them we did feel guilty at having to keep them in when in truth they could have been free-ranging around the garden.

On top of that we had our first full on cat attack when Lottie got grabbed. She lost of few feathers but was unscathed however all the girls were somewhat upset (as you can well imagine!).

After a week of being away from us the girls as really stand offish - we are not flavour of the month any more though they do still come over when I call (apart from Margot)

Margot has become the chicken from Hell since she got her sight back! Completely distant, she is really spooky and legs it as soon as we appear if she is free in the garden. She is also giving Ruby a hard time.

We have been getting 2 eggs every three day however nothing now for three days so either the receding daylight or the cat attack has disrupted production.

So, with evening light arriving earlier and earlier, do we invest in lights as at this rate we are only ever going to see them at weekends!

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