Sunday, 7 March 2010

The late late post!

Wow - I'm really slacking on adding some new post here. A scolding from my niece reminded me that I should get an update sorted so here it is.

A few things to say (sloppy excuses actually) on why posts haven't been forthcoming

1. We were away for two weeks on Langkawi Island in Malaysia, our official "honeymoon". Fantastic time, temps well into the 80's each day, blue skies, warm seas, you get the idea, and a wonderful antidote to the cold grey chill of the London winter. Again our deep thanks to Studley Ruffle and the lovely JP for chicken sitting duties.

2. I've been off work for a week or so with the joys of another arthritic flare up so with walking sticks and taking a plethora of pills I've hardly had the inspiration or will to write anything however well on the way to recovery now I'm glad to report.

3. Not a lot going on with our girls however now some great news from down the road in Sussex.

Home first - Stella the bantam buff Orpington really has filled out into a lovely looking chicken. She is still bonkers but will happily take mealworms from your fingers if not indeed accidentally removing your fingers as well during enthusiastic mealworm taking. As a bantam she is still a big girl, (big bones I think the correct saying is) however still bottom of the pecking order.

After a couple of weeks at 16 eggs a week Harriet decided to bugger it up and go broody. I know, silkies go broody faster than you can look at them but come on Harriet, some pay back please!

Sussex way and Ros, now proud owner of Sebastian (now shortened to Boris which we love) and Doris. Ros has really got spring underway with chicks already this year and two chicks from Boris and Doris as well as a good sprinkling of others. We really appreciate all the photos Ros has sent and hopefully we will get to visit sometime in spring.