Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Autumnal ramblings

Sod it - autumn is bloody miserable. Okay, I fully take on board the beauty of autumnal foliage, misty mornings, mellow sunlight and ripe fruits. Well what the hell happened? Its wet, wet, wet and windy, soggy, grey and grim. The worst thing is getting up and going to work in the dark, the only saving grace this week is that starting work really early I can get home for 1730 hrs so the girls can at least have 30 minutes scratching about in the garden.

We are still looking at getting some form of lighting for the run but its not that close to the house and finances at present don't go as far as major electrical work. Soon we will be going to work and returning in the dark so as a very short term measure I got some wall mounted battery lights. At least we have a facility to now service the birds with ease as it gets darker. Needless to say the Sussex took instantly to the lighting and no problem. Silkies? both looked at the odd round bright things and didn't go in for 10 minutes on the first occasion as I think they were waiting for the light to set - bless them!

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