Saturday, 18 October 2008

Lower risk Avian 'flu detected in German Zoo

With the start of autumn migration of waterfowl into the UK this time of year is seen as high risk for Avian Influenza.
The case below at Leipzig Zoo is the lower risk H5N3 as opposed to H5N1

Germany: 3 Cases of H5N3 Detected at Zoo

10/17/08 ARGUS--Regional media report 3 cases of H5N3 avian influenza at a zoo in Leipzig. According to Sachsen's Ministry for Social Affairs, 2 ducks and 1 goose were diagnosed with the virus during a routine check-up. The zoo's administration announced that the affected animals were culled on the recommendation of the district veterinarian. Since wild birds are the presumed source of contamination, all of the zoo's birds must remain in their cages. A spokesperson for the zoo stated that the birds in question probably contracted the virus at a nearby pond. Results of testing conducted on all of the zoo's other birds were negative for avian influenza. According to the zoo's administration, a second round of testing will take place within the next few days.

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