Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Who's who - RUBY

Another of the Sussex breed, Ruby is a buff and our front cover "Hens in the City" model. Of all our hens Ruby has the most classic "chicken" look and profile of all the girls. Over the past month she has visually matured the most.

Positive points: very chicken looking, superb hen hoover (she eats everything)

Negative points: greedy bugger, quite adept at stealing food from anybody if she gets the chance, the most stand offish of all the birds and last to feed from the hand. Bit of a bully, she puts her wings up and rushes everybody (apart from Cybil), gives them a peck and then rushes off. The silkies get vaguely frightened however Margot has got completely bored with it and refuses to be intimidated. Ruby however still thinks its great fun.

Ruby thinks that she is number one but in fact in the real pecking order she in probably number three or four - she and Margot are vying for the post of number two Sussex and I think that Margot probably has it.
Though she is without doubt the trouble maker in the flock, Ruby is a sweetheart. She is more than happy to sit next to you on the bench if she thinks there is food in the deal and if she is emulating Cybil. Lets hope that when she starts laying she chills a little.

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Cheri said...

Okay, so I'm going to vote on which hen reigns supreme. But first, I'll comment on each. Ruby reminds me of someone I know, a total hover, as you called her, eating everything in sight. LOL. But the greedy bugger does have her faults. Still, she's quite fun.