Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Who's who - HARRIET

Silkies I have to say were not one of my favourite breeds as they are not particularly productive layers and also having blue skin don't make the best of Sunday roasts. But as they say, experience can really change your mind!

Silkies have been around for hundreds of year and probably originating from Japan or China. Because of their fluffy plumage they are very poor fliers so are happy to plod around the garden.

Positive points: very placid and docile, gorgeous looking, inquisitive

Negative points: as a breed they aren't the best of egg producers. Harriet likes mud which never goes well with pristine white plumage.

Head silkie and probably number three in the flock

All in all silkies are a new breed to me and I have been really impressed. Looking forward to some eggs at some stage but I think they are more for good looks than the pot.

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