Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Who's who - CYBIL

The Sussex chicken is one of the oldest breeds of chicken and hardly surprising to learn that they originate from the county of Sussex. They come in several colours and Cybil is a silver Sussex. Although they are not the rarest of the colours they are quite unusual, from what I can gather not the easiest of the Sussex and a little "gamey".

Cybil I guess is the oldest of our girls with a well developed wattle, adult plumage and full tail, Miss Independence and a definite head of the flock.

Positive points: trusting, friendly, inquisitive, almost fearless, gorgeous

Negative points: nosy to the point of being a pain in the arse, addicted to getting into the house, she can cluck and squawk for the UK!

Needless to say for the number one hen, Cybil is a star

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