Tuesday, 23 September 2008


The great egg experiment failed - no eggs so I couldn't see if Harriet was laying as well as Cybil.

I have decided that bloody cats are a right pain in the arse - I don't think that they will take one of the hens on but they do spook them and I found a cat in the shed! Idea's on eradicating them from the garden would be appreciated (I did think that a Howitzer would be fun but I can't get one through the house)

A visit to the allotment was depressing in some ways. Two years of having tomatoes devastated by blight (bloody wet weather) I have decided that next year sod the traditional varieties, I am going for blight resistant tom's however bog standard they come. Needless to say the girls loved a few tomatoes, it's so funny to see them rush off with a cherry tomato and then pecked them getting covered in juice just to get at the seeds inside.

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