Saturday, 4 April 2009

Back home

Back from my travels its good to see that Spring really does seem to have arrived.

Harriet in now on top form again and all four hens are laying - lots of production mean that we are also able to provide the neighbours with eggs as well as having as many as we can cope with.

Margot got a bit of a "mucky" bum so she was hugely indignant when she got caught up, a little cosmetic trimming and a good bath. She is now a sparkly clean chicken and oddly not quite as noisy.

I think the one downside of the "girls" is that they are nothing if not a little noisy in the early morning, it seems to be pre-laying. Once that egg has passed all seems to settle down.

Ringleader of noisiness is no doubt Margot. It's not a lovely clucking noise but more easily likened to high pitched strangulation at decibels that although in the countryside would hardly be heard a small city garden its hugely intrusive.

Anyway - a somewhat abbreviated version but glad to be back home.

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