Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring is springing!

Hello one and all....Hens In The City "Official Photographer" hunky chap "Johnnie the Blogger" is away in the USA as I type, and as the previous post mentioned something about me posting to the blog, I thought it best I do as I were told...better late than never!
Well, Spring is here!!! The clocks have gone forward, the weather is 'changeable' to say the least and the daffodils are everywhere....a sea of golden nodding heads, quite spectacular.

Spring window boxes

With Spring comes new life and as well as a ton of frog spawn in our pond (dirty little amphibians!!!) we also have a pair of Blue Tits that have moved in to our nestbox that was put up about a month ago....wonderful news! Mr. and Mrs. Tit are busy stealing any and all nest material that they can muster, including the moss that we have around pots of tulips and daffodils, the little buggers, but all in a good cause I s'pose. Hopefully we can keep you updated on "Tit Progress" throughout the Spring and Summer.....I do worry, what with the local, vile cat population. If they'll go after our Girls, the Tits stand no chance at all!
Chez Tit

As for The Girls....they are fine, if a tad noisy!!!! Margot and Cybil in particular have taken it upon themselves to "announce" as loud as they can that they are going to lay an egg and boy do they announce it! Screeching and squawking and pacing until they finally pop one out....Harriet and Ruby do make a little noise, but nothing like these two little sods! Its only on the days they lay so thankfully not everyday....*phew*

Skylon is going well and all The Girls use it now. We're on 2-3 eggs a day...the neighbours love us, I don't think any of them have bought eggs this year!

Ruby in Skylon

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