Friday, 29 January 2010

Never put all your eggs in one basket (or in your pocket!)

The snow has gone (so I do need to find a new photo for the header pic) though as a well known Cheshire saying goes "it's as cold as a witches tit". However its getting lighter and lighter each morning, very slow in our eyes but interesting that both Harriet and Stella are now laying on a regular basis so the birds are noticing it.

Out in the dark at 05.45 checking and feeding the chickens, Stella had laid below the perch (in truth probably from it) so I popped the egg into my pocket and carried on feeding and giving them clean water. I bent over to pick up some rubbish off the floor of the run and heard a gentle pop followed by a warm sensation on my leg. "Dammit".......... note to self, do NOT bend over with thin shelled egg in pocket as they break!

Joy, as the egg just didn't break in my pocket, bloody messy anyway however in the pocket was;
my iPod
my mobile

All I can do is apologies to those neighbours that heard a stream of expletives far too early in the morning, you may have thought it was a nightmare but it was me!

Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend so join in if you can.

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John Gray said...

nice to meet another allotment and hen man...good blog