Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tragedy .............................. and moving on

Sometimes you never know what life is going to throw at you.

This morning we were so excited as all the signs pointed to Ruby laying her first egg.....which she did.

However today is devoted to another lovely little hen, our LOTTIE

There was no doubt that Lottie had various elements that would class her as totally bonkers, and she revelled in that.

She adored her sister, Harriet, however could be Miss Independent and would frequently ignore the crowd and go off and excavate holes under the bananas - she was a very happy little hen.

Lottie caused arguements on the poultry chat boards as nobody would believe she was a proper little silkie. She was just white, she was just different.
But nothing will ever let us forget Lottie:
- her mad runs across the lawn, mad runs straight into bananas, bushes and the deck!
- her love of Harriet, the two of them snuggling into one nestbox was so sweet
- complete lack of egg-laying
- the puzzled look in her eyes when mealworms were thrown - if they landed in front of her she was fine but having to find them?
- white, fluffy, snowball and totally trusting
Why or how she died we don't know - she was fat, looked gorgeous and had no injuries at all so we can only hope that chicken heaven is as much fun as the garden - hang in there Lottie
Lottie McKenna-Ellis

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