Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Halloween and snowy times...........

Poor chickens.......

We are mere distant strangers to the girls at the moment! Once the clocks went back to GMT we now get up and go to work in the dark and get home in the dark. We get to feed and water via torch light. Still they get out in the garden at weekends and did at least celebrate Halloween - I know its not a pumpkin but a melon was as close as we could get on the day!

Margot and Cybil attacking a melon

Of course what we didn't expect was SNOW at the end of October - not just a scattering but a good old downfall of a couple of inches. Loads of damage to trees due to them still having leaves on but the views were spectacular! Needless to say we have been making sure the slide is closed on the night shelter so the girls stay warm and out of drafts.
Whipsnade Common on 29th October

When the girls are out at weekends they do have the best of times. The garden isn't particularly sunny in the winter months due to houses, fences and trees so all areas that get direct sunlight are exploited to the full. So how many chickens can you get on a bench?

Sad to say but Harriett managed to maroon herself on the back of the bench and had to go through a major trauma to get off!

During the week we try and make being in the run as much fun as possible. The purchase of the "wire treat ball" gives the opportunity to give titbits off the floor and lots of interest from the chickens. Sweetcorn cobs, veg scraps, greens and cotoneaster branches with berries are put in there and it keeps them occupied for ages.
Lottie takes the wire cage challenge - notice how much paler her skin colour is now

Anyway if there is no sun the back door step is still the favourite place just so they can see what we are doing. The croc sandal placed to stop "illegal" chicken entry into the kitchen - it works about 80% of the time (I wish)

Still, sunshine is completely prized and every opportunity is taken for sunbathing - the concrete path is favourite as I guess it warms up fastest and holds some heat. They love it - and also dries out the mud they cover themselves in by trying to dust bathe in wet soil!

However, always remember that if the sun isn't shining or we aren't getting any treats there is always a pot or two that we can go trash....And finally - winter might be here but the girls are still happy (I hope)
p.s. - I guess egg production really has finished for the year.

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